Our final Theme is essential to the delivery of sustained value from our strategic consulting and our technical implementation. To achieve the complex transformations we are hired to enable, usually means that other consultancies or suppliers are involved in the process. To ensure that these organisations also stay focused on the core outcome, we are often asked to govern their actions. This requires a level of trust in us that only total transparency about what is happening and why will allow.

It is because of our open approach, and our focus on creating engagement at the outset, that our clients entrust us with enabling complex business transformations that are pivotal to the success of the organisation. This means that we have to stay focused on removing information barriers. A work-around may be possible but it is better to remove the barriers so that the desired outcome is delivered with greater certainty and so that the process performs to optimum efficiency and effectiveness.

Our transparency and integrity also means that we often deliver valuable ‘outflows’ from the change project.  For example, if we identify other ways in which we can save money or create opportunities for our clients by removing other information barriers, such as sources of duplication, we will share these although they may not be part of the original brief.

As a result, clients see us as their ‘go-to’ resource for all their difficult information challenges – safe in the knowledge that we will apply our 5-themed approach with the same rigour every time

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