Because clients choose us to enable complex business transformations by removing the fundamental information barriers to change, we know from the outset that the solution is going to require contributions and changes from across the organisation. This is because the information impact of change is felt by both people and processes.

We recognise that dealing with information barriers to change can be a dry subject for some people. Consequently, Theme 1 of our Approach demands that we create a desire to engage with the project ie work with us and with each other, by people in all the functions affected by the change. To achieve this essential engagement, we apply a range of creative facilitation techniques and a plain speaking approach which is designed to achieve agreement to a clear direction and shared outcome for the project by as wide a group of stakeholders as possible.

In short, we ensure that the organisation ends up with information that is fit for purpose by first defining the purpose in a way that is understood and accepted by all.

To sustain this level of engagement and commitment to achieving the headline outcome, we provide continuous feedback throughout both the strategy setting and implementation phases to ensure that people across functions never lose sight of the core goal and that we never waste the attention that we get.

By achieving this clarity and sense of engagement at the outset, we are able to move at pace throughout the term of the project to deliver the desired outcome with speed and certainty

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