“We believe that there are no new information challenges – just information challenges that are new to a client organisation. As a result, we believe we can learn from history AND that we can use what we have learnt (and captured in our ‘best practices’) to deliver sustainable solutions to complex information challenges more quickly and with greater certainty of success.”

As a result of this belief, Evaxyx has earned an excellent reputation for solving complex challenges relating to Data Management at a detail level. It has made this possible by developing a truly effective approach that is shaped by five key Themes.

Our Themes split into two distinct phases. The first phase – covering Theme 1 and Theme 2 – addresses the fundamental need to create engagement and a common language so that all stakeholders are committed to achieving the desired outcome. The second phase – Themes 3 to 5 – ensures that the essential engagement we create translates into the desired business benefits and outcomes with greater speed and certainty – and that we deliver value at every step along the journey to the desired outcome.

Our Five Themes are:

Theme 1 – Creating engagement with all stakeholders to achieve commitment to a change project

Theme 2 – Establishing a common language to drive effective decision-making

Theme 3 – Applying best practice not theories to deliver desired outcomes

Theme 4 – Delivering incremental value throughout the journey to the desired outcome

Theme 5 – Sustaining value through trust and transparency


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