• 5 Themes booklet
    This booklet describes the Evaxyx approach to enabling complex business
    transformations by removing the fundamental information barriers to change. And, as a foundation for its unique 5-themed approach – the Evaxyx Way – it identifies six truisms that condition how effectively organisations can create the correct data environment to make transformational change possible.
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  • Yesterday Today Tomorrow

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  • Who We Are

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  • MDM Data Virtualisation

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  • Development approaches to data integration; re-visiting the waterfall
    This booklet examines how the changing relationship between business and IT affects development programmes, particularly programmes that involve
    some measure of data integration. It discusses the real constraints that complex enterprises face when confronted with technical change.

    This article explores how the dogmatic observance of development methods leads to an essential tension between the need for business agility and the imperative for clear and sometimes contractually constrained handovers between development teams. Unless this tension is addressed, then businesses
    will be faced with a dilemma; are lower cost systems required at the expense of responsiveness, or does the need for agility preclude a lower cost solution?
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  • The fundamentals of data government; a revolutionary’s guide
    This booklet introduces the notion of data government as a way to resolve the ambiguities that early attempts at data
    governance have left. It also provides a metaphor that will allow existing data government ‘regimes,’ to be characterised, allowing organisations to aim for the regime that will work best for them. It finishes with a five step plan on how to plan a data ‘revolution’, built on widespread engagement and acceptance of simple models.
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  • Data and Solvency II in black and white
    By the end of 2012, all EU Insurance companies must comply with the new capital adequacy and risk management regime introduced by the Solvency II Directive. Whilst the industry welcomes the ultimate aims of the Directive: a heightened level of protection for policyholders and the resulting reduction in the likelihood
    of serious market disruption in the future, full Solvency II compliance in the prescribed timescales is creating significant challenges for companies in this sector.

    This booklet looks at what it takes to Guide organisations through the data-related imperatives created by the need to achieve Solvency II compliance.
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  • Creating Vision
    This booklet looks at how to create a vision for Master Data Management
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  • Some big thoughts in a little book about process analysis for MDM
    It can be tempting to see MDM solely as an exercise in data integration, yet at the heart of any MDM initiative are the future state processes that will rely on the "newly mastered" information. Identifying and analysing these processes will reveal the true business benefits of MDM, and will give a vital insight as to how effective data governance can be applied. This guide outlines a way to start analysis for MDM projects that builds on existing process perspectives.
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  • FT Article
    This article explores how Financial Services Compliance forces the need for a single view of the customer and the far reaching impact this has on corporate data and information.
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  • Evaxyx Enterprise Services Framework – Data Sheet
    This data sheet explains how to increase your development productivity by using Evaxyx ESF to simplify the development of Informatica MDM web services that address more complex custom functions.
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